Charlie Mayhew
Keen City Productions
Directed by Nick GouldenReality Mine - A short film centring around government surveillance & data-mining.

Reality Mine is a psychological drama exploring the modern reality in which unprecedented levels of knowledge grant unheard of power.

"Family man Max Keller is implicated in environmental terrorism, arson and murder carried out by Dan, his brother. Charlie, a government reality mining specialist who has gained an encyclopaedic knowledge of Max’s life from online data, meets Max in a hotel room and offers him a way out. If he signs a confidential document disowning his brother, he will avoid arrest and life will continue as normal. Sure of his innocence, and refusing to abandon his brother, Max covertly contacts his journalist friend Mike, who races to the hotel to expose the deal. Max rounds on Charlie who, under pressure, reveals that there is more at stake than he has let on. As the trial will be high profile and public, Max’s file will, as evidence, go into the public domain. This file is so comprehensive it contains almost every misdemeanour Max has ever committed, each individually insignificant but, added together, enough to totally ruin Max’s life. As unlikely as it seems, Charlie really is trying to help Max. As Mike arrives outside the hotel room, Max realises that if he lets Mike in then Charlie’s deal will be withdrawn and he’ll be arrested. He must choose. Max returns home to find his wife in a state of distress. Initially he suspects that the authorities have reneged on the deal, but has something else happened?..."