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Ellipsis Films
Directed by Helier Bissell-Thomas

“Stanley (Jye Frasca), a quiet young man who dreams of becoming a professional boxer, finds emotional release through physical exertion. Growing increasingly frustrated by the limits of his own body, he finds himself willing to go to extremes in order to achieve his goal. When a stranger begins to send him medication to improve his physical strength and stamina, Stanley enters into a situation that will also test him mentally. He is put through a series of gruelling rituals, and made a witness to a level of violence which he can scarcely understand. As he becomes a pawn in a world populated by wealthy and powerful criminals, he must learn to manoeuvre in order to survive and assert his own authority. The true identities of the people who entrap Stanley in a confusing maze of secrecy and violence, and the truth behind his ordeal, can only be unveiled once he has endured their game.”


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Charlie Mayhew
Keen City Productions
Directed by Nick Goulden
Reality Mine - A short film centring around government surveillance & data-mining.

Reality Mine is a psychological drama exploring the modern reality in which unprecedented levels of knowledge grant unheard of power.

"Family man Max Keller is implicated in environmental terrorism, arson and murder carried out by Dan, his brother. Charlie, a government reality mining specialist who has gained an encyclopaedic knowledge of Max’s life from online data, meets Max in a hotel room and offers him a way out. If he signs a confidential document disowning his brother, he will avoid arrest and life will continue as normal. Sure of his innocence, and refusing to abandon his brother, Max covertly contacts his journalist friend Mike, who races to the hotel to expose the deal. Max rounds on Charlie who, under pressure, reveals that there is more at stake than he has let on. As the trial will be high profile and public, Max’s file will, as evidence, go into the public domain. This file is so comprehensive it contains almost every misdemeanour Max has ever committed, each individually insignificant but, added together, enough to totally ruin Max’s life. As unlikely as it seems, Charlie really is trying to help Max. As Mike arrives outside the hotel room, Max realises that if he lets Mike in then Charlie’s deal will be withdrawn and he’ll be arrested. He must choose. Max returns home to find his wife in a state of distress. Initially he suspects that the authorities have reneged on the deal, but has something else happened?..."



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Joe Pesci / Frankie Valli
Las Vegas
Directed by Des McAnuff

 Having originated the role of Joe Pesci in the London company of JERSEY BOYS, where he also played the iconic role of Frankie Valli, Jye was thrilled to return to the show once more. Jye joined the Las Vegas company of JERSEY BOYS for a limited engagement, which also marked his American stage debut.
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Robert Cohn
Trafalgar Studios
Directed by Alex Herlfrecht

“All of the performances are interestingly nuanced… The sexual web in which her ladyship entangles Gideon Turner (as Jake Barnes, the autobiographical bearded newspaperman with an addiction to bullfighting), Jack Holden’s dashing toreador Pedro and Jye Frasca (a hard-drinking writer named Robert) is, however, involvingly spun… Frasca – so good in Thrill Me and Jersey Boys – effortlessly switches, meanwhile, between the comedy and tragedy that his character brings to the proceedings... This is an intense, raw and compelling piece of theatre, which, with the youthful audiences that it is attracting, suggests to me that the Trafalgar Studios are going to be at the cutting edge this year. Certainly, with James McAvoy’s Macbeth opening this week, it is a venue that’s going to be very hard to ignore.” - The Sunday Telegraph, Tim Walker, February 15th, 2013.

“Gideon Turner is a calm surface masking deep waters as Jake, left impotent and emotionally crippled by war injuries; Jye Frasca’s Cohn is a muscular bundle of misguided intentions; and an effortlessly engaging Josie Taylor finds the sadness in her cut-glass character’s thrill seeking. All three have good chemistry.” - Time Out, Tom Wicker, February 8th, 2013.

“Gideon Turner as the newspaperman addicted to the power of the corrida, Jye Frasca as the pugilistic novelist and Jack Holden as the charismatic toreador, do all that is required of them.” - The Guardian, Michael Billington, February 8th, 2013.

“As Jake, Gideon Turner exudes the apparent nonchalance of someone who believes he knows more than anybody else. As Lady Ashley, Josie Taylor is a perfect combination of wit and charm, with a terrible desperation evident just below the surface. With his bespectacled earnestness, Jye Frasca is well cast as the dupe of the piece and Jack Holden brings humour to the role of the matador. They all move beautifully during the more physical parts of this multi-faceted and enjoyable piece.” - The Stage, Nicholas Hamilton, February 8th, 2013.

“The glamorous divorcée Lady Brett Ashley (Josie Taylor) from England has tracked down American journalist Jake Barnes (Gideon Turner) in Paris, where he is staying with his tennis partner Robert (Jye Frasca) - an irritating third wheel and perpetual outsider…. The uncomfortable mix of outward debauchery and repressed pain, typical of the generation who lived through the First World War, is rendered brilliantly by the three main actors… Fiesta is an exuberant play and an excellent adaptation.” - Broadway World, Becky Brewis, February 9th, 2013.

“Josie Taylor’s Lady Brett Ashley brings out the fire in Gideon Turner's secretive, insular Jake and sparks an otherwise unseen passion in Jye Frasca's staid and previously smitten Robert… For all the soggy vests, passionate embraces and onstage rumpy, it's hard to choose the saddest character. Turner's reticent Jake has painful secrets buried deeper than a bull's horn in a drunken matador's bottom. Frasca's Robert has his dream of acceptance shattered like an unwanted wine glass tossed aside after it has been emptied. Josie Taylor brings an ancient hurt and heartbreaking longing to a woman whose esteem is shot and who must find male reassurance wherever she can. Jack Holden brings grace, naivety and boyish charm to the part of a young yet masterful matador.” - Official London Theatre, Matthew Amer, February 8th, 2013

“A WWI veteran, Jake is a budding sports reporter and his Jewish friend Robert is a novelist who is preparing for a wedding and neither are prepared for the love triangle that emerges with Brett’s arrival… Gideon Turner’s Jake, driven by his twin obsessions of the corrida and Lady Brett, is a stirring central presence and countered well by Jye Frasca’s more boyishly earnest Robert whose past career as a boxer lends him a prowling physicality. As Brett, Josie Taylor is a wonderfully free-spirited performance, unafraid of her sexual or intellectual power.” - The Public Reviews, Ian Foster, February 8th, 2013

“Jye Frasca, as Robert Cohn, came into his own at the end of the play, morphing from a comic character into someone made dangerous by a sense of his exclusion.” - The Cambridge Online, Hannah Greenstreet, February 11th, 2013.

“Helfrecht's quartet of actors – perhaps the sexiest cast to currently be seen on a West End stage – nonetheless contribute striking, physical performances… Jye Frasca is strong as Robert, and nicely conveys the character's shift from earnestness to absurdity as he falls hard for Brett.” - One Stop Arts, Alex Ramon, February 11th, 2013.

“a wonderful bold adaptation” - Mariel Hemingway
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Joe Pesci / Frankie Valli
Prince Edward Theatre
Directed by Des McAnuff

"...they could really act the stuffing out of their characters, with wit and conviction and even credible Jersey accents. This was especially true of Jye Frasca, in the role of Frankie Valli, he of the platinum falsetto. He grabbed the spotlight with such gusto that no one was going to deny him his right to it. For me, at least, this added a touch of unexpected drama to show I felt I knew inside-out even before I saw it the first time." - New York Times, Ben Brantley, July 2nd 2008.

"Jye Frasca is a surprising hit as a very young Joe Pesci" - The Stage, Paul Vale.

JERSEY BOYS won the Lawrence Olivier Award:
Best New Musical.
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Nathan Leopold
Tristan Bates Theatre / Charing Cross Theatre
Directed by Guy Retallack
'There is no production currently running in the capital that is more intelligent, atmospheric and haunting than this' –"Jye Frasca's Leopold is a study in helpless infatuation. Upon the stage of this theatre - a place that offers no refuge to the talentless- these two gents prove beyond all doubt the they are proper, grown-up Actors with a capital A." - Sunday Telegraph, Tim Walker, April 10th, 2011.

"Both Frasca and Maguire are superb, the former seeming to shrink and gain pallor in the flash-forwards to his parole hearing in 1958. Thrilling indeed." - The Evening Standard, Fiona Mountford, April 8th, 2011.

"There’s plenty to cheer in the riveting performances of Jye Frasca and George Maguire as Leopold and Loeb respectively, who bring a thrilling, chilling urgency to each characters’ journey." - The Stage, Mark Shenton, April 8th, 2011

"With a two-hander, casting needs to be spot on, and thankfully it is, with former Jersey Boy Jye Frasca skillfully using expression and speech patterns to make his Leopold somewhat innocent and clingy in flashback, but clearly more world-weary in the present day." - WhatsOnStage, Miriam Zendle, April 21st, 2011.

"Bringing those characters to life are Jye Frasca as Leopold and George Maguire as Loeb. Frasca is more well-known for big West End hits such as Jersey Boys, Wicked and Mary Poppins. Both demonstrate their considerable dramatic talent in these roles, and do an impressive job of portraying the tense, complex relationship between Leopold and Loeb with equal parts manipulation, fear and love. They share fantastic chemistry and effectively explore a complicated, and at times frighteningly controlling, relationship, and they do so with subtlety." - Broadway World, Julia Hogg, April 13th, 2011.

"Jye Frasca and George Maguire are sexily persuasive and thus chillingly credible." -The Independent, Edward Seckerson, April 7th, 2011

"Both men sing with beauty and clarity of diction not often heard today; every word rings out clear as a bell with duets so gorgeous that at moments the subject matter fades... Jye Frasca captures Nathan's mounting sense of anxiety as he loses himself to the madness of obsession yet is able to convey a pleasing tone of ambiguity as to which of the twosome ultimately holds the upper hand." - The British Theatre Guide, Anita Butler, April, 2011.

The narrative chores having been handed to Jye Frasca's compelling Nathan Leopold... Frasca has greater West End experience (an extended run in Jersey Boys included) and he's good, too, playing an accomplice in the clutches of a putative lover in Loeb who doesn't give much back beyond contempt for the world around him. Frasca nicely captures, too, the sense of reversal that gives Leopold the upper hand long after Loeb's grim fate has been revealed.” - The Arts Desk, Matt Wolf, April 2011.

Jye was nominated as Best Actor for his portrayal of Nathan Leopold in The 2012 Off West End Theatre Awards!

THRILL ME was nominated as Best Off West End Production at the 2012 WhatsOnStage Theatregoers’ Choice Awards and was nominated for 7 Off West End Theatre Awards including Best New Musical, Best Production, Best Actor (Jye Frasca), Best Actor (George Maguire), Best Lighting Design, Best Musical Direction & Best Director.
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Cast / Boq
Apollo Victoria Theatre
Directed by Joe Mantello

"A WICKED AND WONDERFUL VISION OF OZ. A remarkable kaleidoscope of magical shocks, surprises and sensations - Wicked works like a dream." - Evening Standard, Nicholas de Jongh.

WICKED won the Lawrence Olivier Award: Most Popular Show
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Sweep / Robertson Ay
Bristol Hippodrom / Prince Edward Theatre
Directed by Richard Eyre

Ecstasy, or a moment of pure transcendence, is the ultimate justification of the musical… Step In Time, which not only raises the roof but takes place on it and is a hymn to the dionysiac joy of dance.” - The Guardian, Michael Billington

MARY POPPINS was nominated for the Lawrence Olivier Award: Best New Musical
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Cast / Moth
National Theatre - Olivier Theatre
Directed by Trevor Nunn

Trevor Nunn is ending his tenure as director of the National Theatre with this ravishing production of Shakespeare's early comedy.” - Daily Telegraph Charles Spencer.
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Dominion Theatre
Directed by Ben Elton

WE WILL ROCK YOU won the Lawrence Olivier Award: Most Popular Show.
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National Theatre - Olivier Theatre
Directed by Trevor Nunn

Trevor Nunn('s)... revival of Cole Porter's 1934 musical Anything Goes is terrific fun. In the words of a Porter song borrowed from elsewhere, it's delightful, delicious, delovely” - The Times, Benedict Nightingale.

ANYTHING GOES won the Critics' Circle Award: Best Musical and the Laurence Olivier Award: Outstanding Musical Production.
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Carbucketty / Mr Mistoffelees
New London Theatre
Directed by Trevor Nunn

Jye performed the role of Carbucketty in CATS final performance in London's West End. The final show was on its 21st birthday, 11 May 2002, and broadcast on a large screen in London’s Covent Garden.

Cats is among the most exhilarating and innovative musicals ever staged” - Sunday Times, Derek Jewell.

CATS won the Lawrence Olivier Award for Best Musical.
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Prince Edward Theatre & Prince Of Wales Theatre
Directed by Alan Johnson and Arthur Laurents - recreating Jerome Robbins original direction.

Forty years on, this imperishable masterpiece of musical theatre is as powerful, pertinent and poignant as ever.” - Daily Mail, Michael Coveney

For those of us who recall the fifties, West Side Story has now acquired the patina of nostalgia. But for anyone coming to the show totally fresh, this revival will give them a good idea of why it really was a musical landmark.” - The Guardian, Michael Billington
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Prince Edward Theatre
Directed by Phyllida Lloyd

Thank you for the musical” - The Times

ABBA-solutely fabulous” - Daily Mail
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Directed by Chris Koch

"Dan Fogelman (Crazy, Stupid, Love; Tangled; Cars) teams up with the award-winning musical duo of composer Alan Menken (The Little Mermaid; Beauty and the Beast) and lyricist Glenn Slater (Tangled) for a musical comedy fairytale of epic proportions."

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BBC Comedy
Directed by Tim Kirkby

“When an old woman makes an impulse purchase she puts the world on the brink of total destruction. As the World Dance Leaders Leader (Greg Davies) sends forth Travolta (Jye Frasca) and Mr Fiddledy-Dee to find out what has happened, the old woman is cornered by a group of hoods (fronted by Blake Harrison)."

"Will anyone help the dappy old bat and stop the end of the world? Will Schizo Samurai Shitzu deliver the manoeuvres that will make them weep?” - BBC Comedy

Visit the BBC website to watch all episodes.
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Murder Under The Micropscope, Royal Variety Performance 2006 & 2008, Blue Peter, Loose Women, The Paul O'Grady Show & Children In Need.
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