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REALITY MINE is a complex psychological short drama exploring the modern reality in which unprecedented levels of knowledge grant unheard of power. Inspired by Harold Pinter's short play "One For The Road" Jye plays antagonist Charlie Mayhew, a savvy Government official who will stop at nothing for justice. REALITY MINE is directed by Nick Goulden.
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Having originated the role of Joe Pesci in the London company of JERSEY BOYS, where he also played the iconic role of Frankie Valli, Jye was thrilled to return to the show once more. This time having joined the Las Vegas company, where he made his American stage debut. JERSEY BOYS is directed by Des McAnuff.
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Jye can be seen in Season One of ABC's hit series GALAVANT. GALAVANT is directed by Chris Koch.
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Jye stars in the British feature film KAUFMAN’S GAME in which he plays the lead role of Stanley. KAUFMAN’S GAME is the story of Stanley (Jye Frasca), a quiet young man who dreams of becoming a professional boxer, finds emotional release through physical exertion. Growing increasingly frustrated by the limits of his own body, he finds himself willing to go to extremes in order to achieve his goal. When a stranger begins to send him medication to improve his physical strength and stamina, Stanley enters into a situation that will also test him mentally. He is put through a series of gruelling rituals, and made a witness to a level of violence, which he can scarcely understand. As he becomes a pawn in a world populated by wealthy and powerful criminals, he must learn to manoeuvre in order to survive and assert his own authority. The true identities of the people who entrap Stanley in a confusing maze of secrecy and violence, and the truth behind his ordeal, can only be unveiled once he has endured their game.

KAUFMAN’S GAME is directed by Helier Bissell-Thomas.
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